Seems Legit! T-shirt Designs

Seems Legit! Illustrated T-shirt Designs

Seems Legit! is an Irish club promoter and record label that pioneers local talent. As artist in residence, I produce t-shirt designs to represent the Seems Legit! brand. I designed the shirts in line with the other visuals I have produced for the brand. Printed by Everpress, all designs can be purchased in various styles directly from Seems Legit!.

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Seems Legit! Gig Posters

Seems Legit! Illustrated Gig Posters

As artist in residence at Seems Legit!, I work closely with producers and artists to produce the work. This is a selection of illustrated gig posters for regular events hosted by Seems Legit!, a staple of alternative nightlife in Waterford and Kilkenny. I design posters specifically for each event based on the music of the headlining artist. Each event offers a unique experience. Because of this, I use a combination of traditional and digital illustration techniques to create unique visual feel for each poster. All the work that I make for Seems Legit! is heavily influenced by the music it represents. I consciously aim to convey the atmosphere of each event through my visuals.

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